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Bind Dynamic Parameters

There are cases where the value of a parameter is not known during the development, but it changes during the applications’ runtime(when your users run the app).

Some examples are:

  • Current User Record Id: Based on the current Authenticated user.
  • Most popular Post: Needs to be calculated the moment that the Posts are requested.
  • Navigate to Post Details Screen after List selection: After your user press on a Post in a List View, you will need to navigate to this specific post. You will need to bind the Post Record Id to the Post Details Screen.
  • Login Parameters: During login or register, you need to bind the Text Fields’ values to the Datasource for the email and password values to be sent to the server.

Bind Options

In Kodika, you can bind a dynamic parameter with one of the following ways:

Where to bind?

You can use the bind dynamic parameter feature in:

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