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Price Label

Price Label is a special Design Element which works similar to simple Label with the difference that it automatically displays info about a product.

Price Label Properties


Select the Product that you want this Label to display. It will automatically download the latest price from the App Store and display it in the user’s device currency.
Note: During development, it will always display the price of the selected Price tier, but when released, it will automatically fetch the price and currency from App Store.


Prefix is an optional text that will be displayed before the Price.


Suffix is an optional text that will be displayed after the Price.

Subscription Period Style

When you select a Subscription Product, you can change the format that the Label will use.

Available formats

  • Prefix Price Suffix
  • Prefix Price / Period Suffix
  • Prefix Price every Period Suffix
  • Prefix Price Suffix every Period
  • Prefix Price per Period Suffix
  • Prefix Price Suffix per Period
    Period is the selected Subscription period, for example, 1 week or 6 months.
    Note: Prefix and Suffix are optional.