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Edit a Record using Datasource

Tip: You can use Manage Records to edit a Record without running the application.

For your users to edit current Records in your application, you will need to add an Edit a Record Datasource.

  1. Navigate to the Screen that you want to add the Datasource.
  2. Press the Datasource button.
  3. Press the + Create datasource button.
  4. Select the Kodika Server tab.
  5. Select the Data Type that you want to edit a record.
  6. Select Edit a Data Type Name.
  7. Select the record to edit.
  8. Bind the parameter values.
  9. Connect at least the parameters of the On Success response.
  10. Press Save.
  11. Close Datasource popup.
  12. Create a Start a Datasource Request Event Action and connect it to an Event.

Select the Record to edit

The first step of edit a record is to select which Record you want your user to edit. This Record could be either the same every time the Datasource is executed or change dynamically using a binded value.

Specific/Static Record

If you select a specific Record in this step, every time the datasource is executed, it will always edit the same Record, regardless of the current user or other parameters.

Binded Record value

You can bind the Record value for it to change dynamically during the execution. For example, you can bind it to a Current User’s property, so each user changes its own Records.

Request Parameters


Change the record that will be edited.

Updated Properties

Bind the properties that you want to change their values.
Note: Datasource will edit the values only of the binded properties. The other properties will remain unchanged.


Note: If any of the validations failed, the On Success response is not called, and only the respective failure response is called.

On Success

Called when the Record is updated successfully.


  • Updated Record: The updated record.

On Error

Called when there is an unknown error that is not handled by the other responses.


  • Error: A text with an error message.

When Wrong Filter Value

Called when the Record that you have selected to edit, does not exist.


  • Error: A text with an error message.

When Offline

Called when the user has no Internet connection.


  • Error: A text with an error message.