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Manage your In-App Purchases

In order to use In-App Purchases in your application, you will need first to create the Products in the Kodika platform. Products are anything that can be bought using an In-App Purchase, like a subscription or tokens.

Type of Products

Non-Consumable Products

Users can purchase non‑consumable, premium features within an app. Non‑consumables are purchased once and do not expire, such as additional filters in a photo app.

Auto-Renewable Subscriptions

Users can purchase access to services or periodically updated content, such as monthly access to cloud storage or a weekly subscription to a magazine. Users are charged on a recurring basis until they decide to cancel.

Add a new Product

  1. Open Payments - In-App Purchases menu.
  2. Press + Create Product.
  3. Choose Type of Product.
  4. Type Product Name. This is displayed to the users, but you can change it before and after the application’s release.
  5. Type Product Id. This is a unique identifier to be displayed in your sales report. It is not displayed to the users, and you cannot change it after the release of the application.
  6. If you selected Subscription, you will need to select the period of it. Period values are predefined by Apple.
  7. Select the Price Tier.
  8. Press SAVE.
  9. You are ready to use the new product in your Price Label and Buy Button.

Apple Price tiers

Apple only allows predefined prices for the In-App Purchases. By selecting an Apple Price tier, you set your product’s price globally and for all currencies.

App Store Connect

Before releasing your application, you will need to setup the In-App Purchases in your App Store Connect. A member of the Kodika Team will help you with the process. Note: You don’t need to setup anything in App Store Connect during development.