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The logout request is not an actual network request. It just clears the Current User. You will need to manually handle the Screen Navigation in order for your user to see the non-authenticated screens, for example, maybe the Login Screen.
In order to Logout the Current User, you will need to create a new Datasource.

Create Logout Datasource

  1. Press the Datasource button, and then the + Create datasource button.
  2. Select the Kodika Server tab.
  3. Select User Data Type.
  4. Select Logout User.
  5. Connect at least the On Success response to navigate to a non-authenticated Screen.
  6. Press Save.
  7. Close the Datasource popup.
  8. Add a Button and change its title to Logout.
  9. Create a Start a Datasource Request Event Action in the On Click Event of the Logout Button and select the newly created Datasource.

Request Parameters

There are no Request Parameters.


There is only the On Success response, which will always be called, even offline, as it is not a network request.

On Success

Called when the Current User has been cleared.


  • Success: A Boolean with true value.

Datasource automation

We would suggest setting the Datasource Spinner to ON and Auto start when Screen First Loads to OFF for this request, as we want to show a spinner during the request and execute the request only when the Button is pressed.