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Other Data types


Size consists of the width and height properties of a design element. Both width and height properties are numbers. You will need to use Code blocks to access and modify these values.

Date Formatter

Date Formatter is a data type that helps you transform a Date Only or Date Time data type to a text in order to display it. It can also convert a text to a Date Time data type. You will need to use Code Editor to use Date Formatter.

Alert Action

Alert Action can be used to add actions in an Alert Screen.
For example, let’s say you have an Alert Screen that informs the user that the internet connection is lost. If you want to add two options, one that says “OK” and one that “Retry connecting”, you need to add two Alert Actions.

Contacts - Record

Contacts Record describes a contact of a user. It is used with the Contacts plugin.

Contacts - Postal Address

Postal Address describes the address of a Contact. It is used with the Contacts plugin.

Online Audio Player

Online Audio player is the data type used by the Audio Player plugin to store a player’s instance. You can have multiple instances of audio players with different streaming URLs.