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Start a Datasource Request

After you have create and [bind] successfully (/bind-values) the parameters of a Datasource, you will need to set when to start the request during the application’s run.

There are 3 ways to start a Datasource request, and you can even use a combination of them.
For example, you can have a List of Users Datasource to Auto start when screen First Loads but also have an On Click Event Action on a button that starts the same Datasource again in order to refresh the Users.

Auto start when Screen First Loads

You can enable the Auto start when Screen First Loads option so that the Datasource will start automatically during the Screen loading.
Tip: Use this option when you need to fetch the data that needed to be displayed, and not for cases like Register user where you should have a button that starts the Datasource request.

Event Action

Another way to start a Datasource Request is to add it as an Event action of an Event, for example on a button click.

Code Block

If starting a Datasource request requires more complex logic (for example, it is dependent on a condition), you could implement it using Code blocks.

  1. You can find the Datasource code block in Blocks -> Datasource.
  2. Drag the Start Request of Datasource block in your Function.
  3. Select the correct Datasource from the dropdown. Note: You should have already create the datasource.