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Function Arguments

From this tab you can change and use the Function arguments and the return argument.

Add a Function Argument

To add a function argument, press the + Add function argument button, select its type and name and press SAVE.
Note: You cannot edit the type of a created function argument, but you can change its name.

Use Argument Code Blocks

To use the function arguments, press on the tab to open the Function Argument Code Blocks and drag the Function argument in the Code Blocks area.
Note: You cannot change the value of a function argument in the function, so there is no set value block for them. The caller of the functions sets these values before the execution, either from the Bind of the Event Action or using the Function Code Block parameters.

Delete a Function Argument

Control+click (MacOS) or tap and hold (iPadOS) on the function argument and press Delete.

Change Return argument

In order to change the return argument, you can press on the No return argument and set its type.
Tip: To clear the return argument type, press on the RETURN argument and then press Delete.
Note: You cannot change the name of the return argument.