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Restore Purchases Button

Restore Purchases Button is a special Design Element which works similar to simple Button with the difference that it can execute a Restore Purchases action.

Tip: It is mandatory by section 3.1.1 of App Store Review Guidelines your application to support Restore purchases, so your users are able to restore their purchases after a reinstall of the application.

Restore Purchases Properties


The title of the button.

Title Color

The color of the button title.

Image Asset

The image asset of the button.

Background Image Asset

The background image asset of the button.

Background Color

The background color of the button.

On Click Restore Purchases Action

Restore Purchases Button automatically implements its On Click Event.
When the Restore Purchases Button is pressed, it automatically initiates a restore purchases action with the App Store.
Note: Restore Purchases Button has no state, so the user can press it multiple times without any effect or problem.
Tip: If you need to perform additional actions after the restore, you can use the Events.


Restore Purchases Button supports Events that are automatically triggered during the restore purchases process.

Available events