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Create a Datasource

How to create a Datasource

  1. Open the screen in which you want to create a Datasource. Note: Only Screens can have Datasources.
  2. Press the + Create datasource button on top of the List Elements section.
  3. Select the source that you want to use.
    1. Kodika Server
    2. External API
  4. Bind its parameters and responses.
  5. (Optional) Enable Activity indicator.
  6. (Optional) Enable Auto start when Screen First Loads.
  7. Implement a way to Start the Datasource manually.

Available Sources

Kodika Server

Note: You will need to enable Kodika Server in your application, to access its features in the Datasource.

  1. Select your Datasource source to be Kodika Server.
  2. Select the Kodika Server Data Type that you wish to manage in this Datasource.
  3. Select one of the available Request Types, based on the Kodika Server Data Type.

External API

Note: To use an External API in the Datasource, you need first to create an API Request with its API Responses.

  1. Select your Datasource source to be External API.
  2. Select the External API.
  3. Select the API Request.