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Screen Navigation

Navigation between different screens is handled with the Screen Navigation feature. Screen navigation is the link towards a screen and can be initiated in lots of ways, like a button tap or at the response of a Datasource/network request.

Create and perform a Screen Navigation

In order to navigate to a new Screen, you will need to create a Screen Navigation that will have the target Screen set as its destination screen. Screen navigation has no source screen or button, which gives them the flexibility to be reused from multiple screens and events. There are multiple ways to perform a Screen navigation. For example, both Login successful event and Register successful event can use the same Go to Dashboard Screen Navigation that navigates to the Dashboard of the application.

In addition, some times you may need to pass the value of a property from one Screen to another. For example, when from a List of Users Screen you need to navigate to the User Details Screen, you will need to pass the user property to the destination screen.

Type of Screen Navigations

Usually, the destination Screen is one Screen, except for the TabBar that is consisted of multiple screens and automatically displays the tabbar at the bottom.

Launch Screen

Finally, you will need to set the Launch Screen of your application, which defines the First Screen that will load when your application starts.

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