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Text Field

Text Field is the Design Element to use when need the user to input some text in one line.
Text Field supports only one line text and has extra properties like border style and secure text compared to Text View that supports multi line text input but has no extra properties.

Text Field Properties


The default text that will be initially displayed in the text field when loaded. The user can clear or edit it.
Note: Usually, you will leave this field empty to display the placeholder.

Text Color

The text color of the text.


The font of the text.


The text that is displayed when the Text Field has no (text. The user cannot edit it, and it will hide automatically when the user types the first character.
Tip: Use placeholder to give instructions to your users. For example, if you want the user to provide you with its e-mail, place as placeholder the “Provide us with your e-mail”.

Placeholder Color

The color of the placeholder text.
Note: If placeholder color is not provided, the text color with opacity will be used.
Default value: No color

Text alignment

Indicated how the text is aligned horizontally in the Text Field.

Return Key Type

The default text of the keyboard’s return key. Each selection changes the appearance of the return key.
Available values: Return, Go, Google, Join, Next, Route, Search, Send, Yahoo, Done, Emergency Call, Continue
Default Value: Return

Autocapitalization Type

The capitalization style which is applied automatically to the text as the user types it.
Available values: None, Words, Sentences, All Characters
Default value: Sentences

Keyboard Type

Keyboard Type property sets the keyboard type displayed when the text field is active. The operating system and device can override this option.

Secure text entry

If enabled, the text is displayed as asterisks and cannot be copied.
Tip:This is useful for password inputs.

Border Style

Border Style has some standard native iOS border styles drawn around the editable text region.
Tip: You can choose either from these styles or select None and define your border from the border section.
Available values: None, Line, Bezel, Rounded Rect
Default value: Rounded Rect



Alpha is a number that alters the transparency of the text field. It ranges between 0.0 and 1.0, where 0.0 makes the Text Field totally transparent and 1.0 totally opaque.
Default value: 1.0

Background Color

Text field’s background color.

User Interaction Enabled

User Interaction Enabled indicates whether the user can edit the text field.


If enabled, it hides the text field and all of the design elements inside of it.


Text field provides a variety of default borders styles. You can set the following properties for a custom border after setting None the border style.

Border Color

The color of the border.

Border Width

The width of the border.
Default value: 0

Corner radius

The radius drawn to the corners of the border.
Tip: Enable Masks to Bounds for the content of the text field to be clipped to the rounded corners.
Default value: 0


Shadow Color

The color of the shadow.
Tip: You can add opacity/alpha to the Shadow Color in order to add transparency to the shadow.

Shadow Blur

The blur radius used to render the shadow.

Shadow X Offset

The horizontal offset of the shadow.

Shadow Y Offset

The vertical offset of the shadow.


Display Name

You can use this text to identify the Text Field in the Code Blocks Editor and in the List of the Screen’s elements. It is not visible to the users.

Visible In Code

It makes the Text Field visible in the Code Blocks Editor in order to connect it to other Code Blocks.