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Manage Records

Each Server Data Type (Sheet) has its properties (Collumns). The Records (Rows) stored in the server can be managed from the Manage Records.

You can access the Manage Records by the Manage Records button in each Server Data Type.

Add a Record

You can add a new Record by pressing the + Add record and filling in the properties’ values.
Note: id, createdAt and updatedAt are autogenerated during record creation, and you or your users cannot change them.

Edit a Record

You can edit a Record by pressing on it and then editing the values of its properties.
Note: You are changing the live data records of your server.

Delete a Record

You can delete a Record by pressing the trash icon on a record. Note: You are deleting the live data records, and there is no way to revert the deletion of a record.

Refresh Records

The Records of a Server Data Type can also be changed from a Datasource or a relationship with a different Server Data Type. This means that the Records that are displayed maybe are old and out of date. You can refresh the records by pressing the Refresh button.


Records are displayed in descending order of the createdAt property by default. You can change the sort by pressing on the Data Type properties on the header of the table.
Note: Change of sort in Manage Records will not change anything in your application and the way it displays the records when your application is running.