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Kodika Server Data Types

Kodika Server Data Types are special Data Types that can be stored in our servers.

Each Kodika Server Data Type can have Data Type properties with any of the Supported Data Types or relationships with the same or other Server Data Types.

Tip: A Server Data Type is like an Entity, for example, a User or a Pet, and Server Data Type properties are their properties, for example Name or Age.

Supported Data Types

Create Server Data Type

To create a new Server Data Type, you need to enable Kodika Server.

  1. Go to the Data menu.
  2. Open Kodika Server settings.
  3. Press + New Data Type.
  4. Type in the name of the new Server Data Type. This can be anything, but we suggest to keep it short and also in Singular form.
  5. Press CREATE.
  6. Your new Server Data type is ready, and you can start adding new properties now.

Delete Server Data Type

To delete a Server Data Type, you need to go to Kodika Server Data Types and Control+Click (Tap and hold for iPadOS) on the Data type you want to delete.
WARNING: All Records and Images of this Data Type will be deleted. In addition, any relationship pointing to this Data type will be deleted.

Manage Server Data Type Properties

You can manage your Server Data Type properties similar to any other Data Type.

Add a property

  1. Open the Server Data Type that you want to change.
  2. Press + Add Property.
  3. Select one of the Supported Data Types or a Server Data Type to create a relationship.
  4. Set the name of the new property.
  5. Press SAVE.

Edit a property

You can press on a property to edit its name. You cannot change its Data Type.

Delete a property

You can Control+Click (Tap and hold for iPadOS) on a property to delete it.
Note: All of the values of this specific property will be deleted in all records.