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Page Control

Page control is the native iOS Design Element that displays a defined number of horizontally distributed dots. You can change the current dot using Event Actions or Code-Functions.

Number of pages

The number of all the dots the page control displays.

Current Page

The index of the current page/dot.
Note: Index starts from 0.

Hides When Single page

Indicates whether the page control should be hidden when there is only one page.

Page Display

Indicator Tint color

The color of the not current page indicator dots.

Current Page Tint color

The color of the current page indicator dot.



Alpha is a number that alters the transparency of the Page Control. It ranges between 0.0 and 1.0, where 0.0 makes Page Control totally transparent and 1.0 totally opaque.
Default value: 1.0

Background Color

Page Control’s background color.


If enabled, it hides the page control and all of the design elements inside of it.


Display Name

You can use this text to identify the Page Control in the Code Blocks Editor and in the List of the Screen’s elements. It is not visible to the users.

Visible In Code

It makes the Page Control visible in the Code Blocks Editor in order to connect it to other Code Blocks.