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Function Properties

From this tab you can manage and use the Function properties.

Add a Function Property

To add a function property, press the + Add function property button, set its data type and name and press SAVE.
Note: You cannot edit the type of a created Function property, but you can change its name.

Use Function Property Code Blocks

To use the function properties, press on the tab to open the Function Property Code Blocks and drag the Function property in the Code Blocks area.
If you want to assign a value to a Function property, drag the set value block.
If you want to access the value of a Function property, drag the get value block.
Note: Be sure that you have assigned a value to a Function property before try to access or return this value.

Delete a Function Property

Control+click (MacOS) or tap and hold (iPadOS) on the function property and press Delete.

Code Blocks

A Get Value and a Set Value Code Block is generated for every Function property, similar to the Get Value Code Block and Set Value Code Block of Data Type properties.