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Blur View

Blur view is a Design Element that can be used to add a blurring effect in a different design element. You need to place it on top of the design elements you wish to blur and not as a subview of them.



Alpha is a number that alters the transparency of the blur view. It ranges between 0.0 and 1.0. The higher the value of the alpha is, the more intense the blurring effect will be.
Default value: 1.0

Background Color

Blur view’s background color.


If enabled, it hides the blur view.


Display Name

You can use this text to identify the Blur View in the Code Blocks Editor and in the List of the Screen’s elements. It is not visible to the users.

Visible In Code

It makes the Blur View visible in the Code Blocks Editor in order to connect it to other Code Blocks.